Researchers and experts in environmental medicine tell us that it is not a question of if our bodies are burdened with toxic overload but “how bad is it.” Common problems of toxicity include: headaches, fatigue, general joint and muscle pain, skin disorders like rashes and eczema, and asthma and allergies. Many toxins are neurotoxins like monosodium glutamate and mercury and affect our brain functions such as memory, quick thinking and moods.

The Sea Ionic Footbath is one of the safest detoxification processes due to the fact that there is no actual current injected into the body as with other modalities. The water in the footbath, and the detailed configuration of the array plates, insures that the actual electrical current only flows between the narrowly-spaced plates. This serves to produce these tiny water bubbles that is then safely penetrated into the skin of the feet that enters the lymphatic system.

Benefits of an Ionic Body Cleanse
Removal of toxins helps the body’s cells to function at a higher level. Some of the benefits of ionic cleansing include:
1. Removing unwanted toxins.
2. Balancing the body’s pH and electrical energy.
3. Improving function of the organ systems.
4. Improving muscle strength.
5. Increasing range of motion.
6. Neutralizing free radicals.
7. Decreasing pain
8. More energy

Detoxification Process


Clients with specific health concerns have reported immediate relief from migraines, fatigue, neck pain, toxemia, yeast infection, and work or sport related injuries.

The Ionic Body Cleanse is also known to increase circulation, prevent and reduce swelling, aid in the healing of bruises, strengthen the endocrine system, and help to improve the function of the heart, liver and pancreas.

“After the first session, I was able to breathe better, sleep better, and most of all felt better. My stress went away and I saw a difference in my skin. I did not get any breakouts like I normally do. I would recommend this to anyone. It’s not only a wonderful experience, but a life changing for health experience.” Nancy K.

Detoxification Results

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