Dr. Kelly Kramp has had a long history as a guest speaker.  He has been an educational speaker at many businesses, church groups, sports teams, etc., teaching people the best solutions to solve their health problems.  He is available to bring his wit and expertise to your place of business, gathering, church, or to whichever venue suits you.  As stated above, he does not charge for his educational talks as he realizes that education should be an inherent right every person deserves.  His experience has taught him that people will use that education to choose the most appropriate health and life decisions that best suit them.  Dr. Kramp has a vast knowledge of wellness tips, health solutions, and an ability to explain to people in simple terms why they are not experiencing superior health.  His talks have led many people to realize what they are lacking in their health approach and for them to realize what changes they need to create to improve their health and quality of life.

 Topics available for Dr. Kramp to speak on:

1)      Stress
2)      Advanced Nutrition
3)      Asthma
4)      Body For Life
5)      Energy Workshop
6)      Headache and Migraine
7)      Healthy Kids
8)      Powerstretching and Ergonomics
9)      Cognitive Support
10)   Detox Workshop
11)   Freedom From Arthritis
12)   Freedom From Fibromyalgia
13)   Overcoming Osteoporosis
14)   Planning for Post Menopausal
15)   Winning With Weight Loss
16)   Winning With Wellness

To book Dr. Kramp as a guest speaker please Contact Us  and include:

*  The best time for Dr. Kramp to call

*  Topic most interested in for Dr. Kramp to speak on:

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